Old Kempton Single Malt Whisky Solera

Old Kempton Single Malt Whisky Solera

Old Kempton Single Malt Whisky Solera

A whisky produced using the continued maturation style of the solera system, which produces a rich dessert/cigar style whisky.

Our Solera Cask is designed to craft a whisky that not only draws on the different flavour profiles of cask types, but also different ages. Each time we release a batch of our Solera cask we carefully select a range of casks to refill it. These casks are selected for their ability to continue to develop the flavour profile of the Solera release and provide depth and complexity. This makes the solera cask a very rich whisky that is great as a dessert whisky or for people that like a richer style of whisky.

Cask Type: The Solera Cask itself is a Portuguese Port Cask. The whisky that is used is matured in a combination of different cask types.

Age: The beauty of the Solera cask is it holds whisky of a variety of ages. From the first fill in 2019 to whiskies that were only introduced to the system at the last fill. This variety helps build the complexity of the Solera cask.


Aroma: A beautiful rich, complex, and well-balanced aroma with dried fruits, cherries, toffee, malt, vanilla, and gentle oak all apparent.

Palate: Just as rich and complex as the aroma with an amazing mouth filling flavour – like biting into an alcohol cream centred milk chocolate.

Finish. Warm, generous, and long with dark fruit and nut chocolate, spice, and toasted oak. A wonderful whisky.