Old Kempton Embezzler Gin

Old Kempton Embezzler Gin

Old Kempton Embezzler Gin

Our London dry style gin, juniper forward with a backing of citrus and aniseed. A great mixing and everyday gin.


The Embezzler is a Dry Gin that balances the traditional Juniper forward elements of a London dry (over 50% of the botanicals used by weight is Juniper Berry) with Australian citrus, Camomile, and Lemon Myrtle to produce an elegant gin suitable for use as a Martini or mixing gin.


ABV: 46%

Base Alcohol: Neutral Cane Spirit

Key Botanicals:  Juniper Berry, Coriander Seed, Chamomile Flower, Citrus Peel, Lemon Myrtle.

Aroma: Juniper and lemon peel with just a hint of mixed spices and dried florals.

Palate: A big hit of juniper at first, gives way to a complexity of dried citrus peel, lemon myrtle, chamomile and star anise.

Finish: Citrus persists through the finish with cinnamon and star anise simmering in the background.

Awards –

Silver – World Gin Awards 2019

Gold – SIP Awards 2020

Bronze – Australian Gin Awards 2020

Silver – World Gin Awards 2020

Silver – Australian Gin Awards 2019

Gold – SIP Awards 2021