Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin

Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin

Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin

The Barrel Aged Gin is rested for a short period of time in a French Oak cask previously used to produce Bordeaux wine. The cask is used more like an additional botanical than as a maturation vessel, providing subtle florals and light biscuity oak to the juniper and citrus. This gin is ideal for Negronis, Martinis, or as a straight sipping gin.


Base Alcohol: Neutral Cane Spirit

Key Botanicals: Juniper Berry, Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Long Pepper.

Cask Type: French Oak Bordeaux Cask

Age: Between 6 weeks and 12 weeks in cask – its aged until the oak comes into balance with the other botanicals.


Aroma: Juniper, orange zest and French oak on the nose.

Palate: An oily and rich gin with a balance between juniper and orange giving way to the cedar and spice of the French oak.

Finish: The French oak spice lingers long with black pepper coming in late.

Barrel Aged Gin has been award BRONZE in the Australian Gin Awards 2020 and SILVER in the SIP Awards 2020.